TheLoan4U is designed to exclusively cater to those of general public as well as corporate sector who needs a customized approached to get their papers processed to avail financial support for personal / family needs as well as business needs.

Inasmuch as funds are available in market for various purposes of lending, the norms of eligibility is too tight that most of the needy persons / organizations require going through a cumbersome ordeals to avail funds in time. That is because, the eligibility is worked out as a combination and permutation of various parameters of an individual’s or organization’s revenues, obligations and banking strength. When there is a deficiency in one or the other of the parameters, the eligibility suffers.

Not all individuals or organization would know how to circumvent such bottlenecks at the time of need of funds which demands a thorough understanding of banking norms and credit appraisals. It needs an expertise to formulate the real time scenario of the individual or organization in a way to convert genuine situation into a realistic result of loan availment at best rate of interest.

TheLoan4U is an off-shoot of 23 years of Corporate Finance experience of the promoter A.Kannan in Debt Servicing, Debt Syndication and Working Capital Management, in All India market and specifically in Mumbai, Maharashtra. An immense exposure of the promoter in Corporate Working Capital Finance, Cash Flow management, Trade Finance and Debt Syndication is the specialty edge of

TheLoan4U to address specific needs of its customers.

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